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Question #473

Which of the following structures is NOT supplied by the perineal nerve?

The perineal nerve is the largest of the branches of the pudendal nerve and further divides into musclar and posterior scrotal/labial branches.

It supplies a number of structures:

  • Deep and superficial transverse perinei
  • Bulbospongiosus
  • Ischiocavernosus
  • External anal sphincter
  • Sphincter urethrae
  • Levator ani

In addition, in males there is a small branch arising from the nerve to the bulbospongiosus called the nerve to the bulb of the urethra. This supplies the corpus spongiosum penis.

The corpus cavernosum is supplied by the dorsal nerve of the penis.

Although the perineal nerve passes through the pudendal canal on the surface of obturator internus, this muscles has its own nerve.

Ischiococcygeus is supplied directly from branches of S4,5

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